My name is Jean-Marc Bara.  The world is a visual candy store and photography allows me to share these visual experiences. The themes that most interest me make up the list of galleries in this website. In some cases my interest in the theme is emotional, in other cases it is esthetic or both.  In all cases design plays an important part of the photographs.

Starting 2011 I have been participating in juried shows.  For a list of awards in juried shows, click here.  

Current Projects:

“Light, Life and Lines” – Color and B&W urban candid street photography where I try to use design and abstraction to organize and simplify what is sometimes a fast-moving chaotic environment. Work in progress can be seen on Instagram @candidstroller.

“People and Art” – Humor and gestures when people interact with art in museums, galleries, art shows, and other public spaces.

“Encounters with my Childhood” – One of my fondest childhood memories is that of my parents bringing me a new book of the series “The Adventures of Tintin”. I am reconnecting with those memories by photographing the characters of “The Adventures of Tintin” on location in different cities in the hope that the photographs will trigger similar reconnections in the viewers.

"Dancing Feet" - slow shutter speed images of ballroom dancer's feet.

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